Guitarist / Composer / Arranger / Vocalist

Born in North Vancouver BC, Canadian lead guitarist / composer / vocalist James Shepherd is an incredibly talented, energetic, self-taught guitar player who is a stand out performer with unmatchable stage presence. Son of an accomplished professional Canadian blues drummer John Shepherd, James grew up listening to all the blues greats, which clearly were a big part of who he is as an artist today.

Discovering the great Miles Davis at the age of 7, James’s early influences included other musical legends such as Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Guy, BB King, and Led Zeppelin, which ooze effortlessly through him via the great extension of himself, his first and only beloved guitar, the Fender Stratocaster. His style is a unique blend of edgy blues based riffs, with melodic and rhythmic sounds like the The Police and Matchbox 20. James definitely has created a unique and timeless sound of his own, which continue to captivate audiences worldwide.

As part of his impressive history as an undeniable talent on the guitar, James has performed with the likes of Sheldon Reynolds of Earth Wind and Fire, Shaun Verreault of Wide Mouth Mason, and Gerry Doucette. During the last 7 years, James has been performing internationally, travelling to Asia, Dubai, and across Canada. James joined accomplished international artist Henri Brown and his band HB Wild to perform at the Venetian Hotel and Casino in 2012, and again in Dubai for the inaugural New Years Eve Celebration at the Four Seasons Hotel in 2014. James has performed, toured, and recorded with a multitude of bands including top 40 bands, and original bands, playing with a wide variety of high caliber international talent. His reputation for being a high energy, passionate, and enthusiastic live performer continue to gain him international recognition.

James has since co-founded the fast rising Vancouver based original rock band Intoxicated By Nature, in which he co-wrote the Red Album, which is full of memorable hooks and radio worthy hits. “To watch James play is a special treat, he clearly loves playing. Actually love may not be the right word. Virtuoso is what comes to mind, combine that with his energy and passion and he is someone you just need to stop what you are doing and enjoy what he’s doing.” –