Intoxicated By Nature ~ also known as IBN ~ is a Vancouver BC based high energy original rock band formed in 2014 by lead singer Stephen Selski and lead guitarist James Shepherd. They put their collective talents together and created their debut release, what is now known as “The Red Album”, a grand introduction of what is yet to come from Intoxicated By Nature!


“United they stand and drunken they fall, Intoxicated By Nature is riding the buzz of their newly-formed brand of guitar-driven rock, that'll knock your dick off (or female genitalia equivalent) in the dirt. Infusing vocalist Stephen Selski’s stream of consciousness lyrics with James Shepherd’s blues-based riffs, IBN hails back to a time before auto-tumors and Protools infected the musical landscape to serve up their own fresh powder-keg of live energy and explosive anthemic hooks. Mix shots of Hendrix, ‘Zep, and Morrison with the 1970’s, and you’ll get a strong aftertaste of what these boys are pouring their souls into.

So if the future is uncertain and the end is always near, now is the time to get out and drink in the electricity of their live shows and become part of the new revolution that is Intoxicated By Nature.”

~ Kraig Wenman ~ Hollywood scriptwriter